Are you a board member, senior leader or governance professional who wants to increase diversity in the boardroom? 


Three Mistakes in Recruiting Board Members and Senior Leaders

Identify Practical and Effective Strategies to Recruitment and Retention


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Do you want to advance diversity, equality and inclusion in governance and senior leadership?


Has your organization signed onto the 50-30 Challenge, the BlackNorth Initiatives or the 30% Club?


Are you  tasked with implementing the Clerk’s Call to Action?

As a board member or senior leader, you value the importance of board diversity but you may not know where to begin or what steps to take. 

Learn three mistakes others make so you don't have to.

In this Masterclass I'm going to show you ...

  • How to challenge traditional approaches to recruitment such as the use of blind CVs.
  • Why the term “diversity” can hinder your recruitment efforts.
  • Effective strategies to recruit and retain board members and senior leaders.
  • Why it is important to integrate DEI into the entire life cycle of a board member and senior leader.

Bridge the gap between recruiting and retaining under-represented board members and senior leaders.



Join me for a free in-depth discussion on Three Mistakes in Recruiting Board Members and Senior Leaders


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This masterclass is designed for:

Board members, including Chairs, members of the board Nomination Committee.


Senior executives, responsible for recruitment and retention, including in government, the non-profit and corporate sectors.


Search firms, including legal recruiters.


HR professionals and change agents.

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Hi! I'm Mante (she/her)


I’ve spent over 15 years working with organizations to advance diversity, equality and inclusion. 
I know what it is like to be recruited to a board position in order to check a box. I also know what it takes to cultivate a board and senior leadership team where everyone can experience inclusion,  psychological safety, and be treated equitably.  
Board diversity is more than representation around the table. It involves a culture where individuals with different social identities and lived experience can inform decision-making, and where their advice has value. 
And now, I am ready to share specific strategies and experience I’ve acquired to help professionals like you to advance organizational change and ensure that your board members and senior leaders are representative of the communities you serve.

As a DEI Consultant and Change Management Practitioner, I have: 

  • Worked with thousands of professionals to address organization-wide DEI.
  • Advised senior executives across Canada's federal government on DEI, including strategies related to recruitment and retention.
  • Served as the Ontario Bar Association's Innovator in Residence to address the recruitment and retention of Indigenous, Black and other Racialized lawyers.
  • Served on selection committees to recruit senior leaders across various organizations.
  • Been elected to five boards of directors, representing various sectors from international human rights to healthcare and education.



Join me to address Three Mistakes in Recruiting Board Members and Senior Leaders

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What they are saying...

Individuals throughout our organization praised Mante for her efforts in immediately establishing trust and credibility. She approaches her work with great rigor, while simultaneously offering insightful strategic perspectives to shift organizational culture and inform transformational change. 


Suzanne Obiorah
Director, City of Ottawa

Mante was exactly the right person to help our team and I will always be thankful we found her. Compassionate, supportive, and very, very knowledgeable – she has the expertise and lived experience to guide you through challenging conversations and change your organization for the better.

Gabriel Miller, President & CEO, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Mante possesses a remarkable ability to navigate the complexities of DEI within the legal sector and senior leadership, offering invaluable insights that drive positive transformation. Mante masterfully combines deep knowledge of DEI principles with a keen understanding of the legal profession's unique challenges. 

Monique Brand, Senior Counsel, Department of Justice (LinkedIn)

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